Internet Marketing: A Necessary Component of Your Business Strategy

  January 16, 2013   Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing   Philip O'Hara

The world is changing and your business better keep up. What good is your company’s website if no one ever sees it? Directory One, a local Houston internet marketing firm, understands how important a website is for business. A good website needs to be visible and look appealing if it is to attract new potential customers. Directory One breaks down the top 5 reasons why online marketing is important for the success of your business.

1. Increase Website Traffic

When a person is searching for a product or service that is relevant to your business, your website should pop up in the search results. For a potential costumer to visit your website, though, your website needs to appear within the first two pages of search results. Think about it… How often do you look past the first two pages on Google to find an car specialist in your area? Efficient search engine marketing can help your website rise in the search result rankings! This helps the visibility of your company and brand, which will intrigue and attract new visitors. Social media, such as blogging, Twitter, and Facebook also increase traffic to websites. The more traffic, the more people will recognize your business, and the more likely it is that your sales will increase.

2. Cost-Efficient

Online marketing is cheaper than radio, television, and newspaper advertisement. The cost of starting and maintaining a website and internet marketing services is much less expensive than traditional advertising methods.

3. Credibility

A well-designed website gives a professional  touch to your company. Furthermore, websites that rank on the first page of a website are seen as more credible than their lower-ranking counterparts. The same can be applied to social media. The more popular your business is on Facebook and Twitter, the more credible your company appears. Never under estimate the power of public image!

4. 24-hour Availability

The fantastic part about online marketing is that it works at all times of the day! Television ads require you to be paying attention at a certain time on a particular channel; the same goes for radio ads. Internet marketing is fantastic because it never stops working!

5. Increased Visibility

With the boom in technology, the internet has become more accessible and is quickly replacing traditional forms of media. News, radio, and even television have taken to the web; less and less people have the patience for commercials during their TV shows (think of recording technology and television online). As an internet marketing firm, we strongly believe that online marketing is the most effective way to increase the visibility of your business.

Is it time for your business to change its strategy? Call Directory One at 713.465.0051 to learn more about how our search engine marketing and internet marketing services can help you!

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