How to Post a YouTube Video on WordPress

  August 28, 2008   Category :     Video Marketing   Philip O'Hara

By Herb Firestone
Marketing Coordinator

To make it as easy as humanly possible to post a YouTube video on a WordPress blog post, all you have to do is download and unzip the Smart YouTube plugin.

Next simply upload the plug-in to your WordPress blog’s plugin folder and activate it exactly the same as you would any other WordPress plugin.

Then hit the Add You Tube button inside your blog’s admin and paste the YouTube url into the window that opens. This is not the embed code. It’s only the URL of the video, so it’s as simple as that.

Even if, for some reason, you don’t know how to unzip a file or upload one to your WordPress plugin directory, those instructions are readily available by searching on Google. On the other hand, however, the only place to find the Smart YouTube plugin, is in the WordPress Plugin Directory itself. The main purpose of the plugin is to enable you to easily upload YouTube videos into your blog posts.

As an added benefit, the video will be shown in full in your RSS feed.

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