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  July 25, 2011   Category :     Video Marketing   Philip O'Hara

Successful web marketing companies know that there’s nothing wrong with text or audio when it comes to promoting your business online.  But if you really want to show the world what you’re about, the most effective way to accomplish this is through the use of video.

YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the internet. Facebook and other social media sites allow members to post videos on their pages. Videos are showing up with increasing regularity on the search result pages.

There are many ways a business can promote itself in the world of internet video. Marketing videos that take advantage of search engine optimization can be an effective tool for promoting any business online. Businesses can take advantage of this new medium by utilizing the same SEO website marketing techniques that you would use on a text page. They would utilize the same keywords as an article or blog entry by including them in your videos’ titles, tags, and file names and would have to make sure that the content is fresh and engaging, and updating videos often.

Quality video production can be very expensive and many companies can’t afford the high cost of video production equipment.  Thankfully, there are many companies that provide video production services.  Local Houston SEO company Directory One Marketing uses the services of Artistic Video Productions to produce client videos.  This Houston video production company has the experience and state of the art equipment to produce a high quality effective video that can really sell your business.  For more information on how to market your company through videos call Houston website developers Directory One at 713-465-0051.

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