Google is automatically targeting mobile users with your regular Adword ads!

  December 16, 2008   Category :     Pay Per Click Marketing | PPC Management   Directory One

According to the an internet research firm eMarketer, there are approximately 405 million mobile phone users with internet capabilities.  With recent changes in Google Adwords, there is an auto feature for mobile ads placement.  If you haven’t notice, it is automatically selected for you when you write text ads in Adwords and you have the option to opt out.  Of course not all devices are going to have these ads delivered to them, only iPhones and other mobile devices with full Internet browsers will be targeted.  To write ads for other phones with internet capabilities, you must follow Google’s guidelines on writing for these devices.  Fewer characters are allowed in mobile ads than in standard text ads, and each ad must link to a mobile landing page.  Regular Adwords image ads needs to have the content network turned on in order for them to show.

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Suddenly, the reach of users have dramatically increased without any extra efforts.  Google certainly knows how to open markets for advertisers.   This gives Adwords and PPC managers a new role and that is to study the implications on their client’s advertising performance and budgets.

We can think of one benefit for advertisers and that is their phone numbers suddenly takes center stage and certainly becomes an obvious call to action.

Back to the phones, certainly Google phones and Iphones will be the focus of this now new channel.  Google is a smart company and moving at lightning speed.  Nevertheless, Google has always made it easy for advertisers and PPC managers to benefit from the changing landscape.  They are changing how to reach customers with advertising faster than anyone or any industry can predict.  The result will have to be determined after some data can be gathered.  This a positive step for the industry or any industry for that matter.

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