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What Role Does Linkbait Play in Your SEO Strategy?

  July 15, 2008
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Author: Eric Brantner SEO Content Writer We all know about it and we all want it, but what role should linkbait play in our SEO strategy? Is it something we should always be seeking? Should we base all of our SEO efforts into creating it? Or should linkbait take a backseat to other SEO techniques? Let's take a look at some...

This Week in Internet Marketing: 6/13/08

  June 13, 2008
  Category :     Search Engine Optimization | SEO,   SEO Link Building
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Author : Henry Adaso Internet Copywriter Oh boy, what a week it's been in SEO land. In the past few days or so, we've seen the launch of a revamped version of Google Trends, the rise of Plurk, the all-around drop in traffic, and some SEO battle between the websites of our two presidential candidates. Google Trends - The search...

10 Ways to Get Natural Links for Search Engine Optimization:

  June 9, 2008
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Author : Thomson Chemmanoor SEO Coordinator There is no doubt that the power of backlinks is an important factor to improve your search engine ranking. There are several people trying to game the search engines by falsely inflating backlinks to their site. This methodology of getting links will fail when Google slaps them right on top of their head as...

Link Building: 5 Reasons You Should Start Building Links Today

  May 29, 2008
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Author: Henry Adaso Web Copywriter Link building, a term which generally refers to the strategies people implore in order to attract inbound links, is a good way to improve search engine ranking. Web users sometimes worry that building links too fast might land them on Google's bad side. The truth is, as long as you're building links organically it doesn't...