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  February 6, 2013   Category :     Video Marketing   Philip O'Hara

Business videos are a fantastic way to explain your goods and services while helping your ranking in search engine results. Directory One — a SEO company based in Houston, TX — specializes in business video production and can help you choose the best business video strategy for your company.

Business Video Production

Here at Directory One, we  like to produce informative videos with an artistic touch. First, we sit down and get to know your services and products. Once we understand what you want to show potential customers and clients, we get our talented writers to create a script.

Once the script is approved, we film the actual business video. Our film and production crew has worked on a variety of projects, including demo videos, campaign commercials, and information sessions. Finally, our video production team edits and styles the video to your liking, providing you with a more professional look to all of your potential clients.

Benefits of Business Videos in SEO

Search engines, such as Bing and Google, favor websites with video media.By adding video to your website, search engines will automatically give you a higher rating. A company can go so far as having its own online television channel, which will help you get to the top of search results in your field.

In time, business videos can severely increase a website’s ranking in search results. Moreover, quality business video production gives a website a professional look, thereby adding to a company’s credibility.

Come to Directory One for business video production. Call 713.465.0051 for more information regarding business videos and video production.

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