August 22nd Friday Internet Marketing Roundup

  August 22, 2008   Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing   Directory One

Eric Brantner
SEO Content Writer

There were a lot of great Internet marketing posts this week both here and around the web. Here are a few of the articles that caught my attention this week.

On the Directory One Blog

  • On Tuesday, I discussed the importance of using Twitter for your business. A growing number of businesses are starting to finally realize how social networking can help grow their brand. Twitter seems to be the hottest social network right now, and it’s important you use it properly to get the best results. Read through these 5 Twitter tips to help you get the most out of your account.
  • Yesterday, Herb Firestone posted a blog entitled “9 Viral Video Strategies.” Everyone is trying to create viral content these days. When done correctly, viral videos can spark an Internet-wide buzz. People will share the viral videos with their friends, and they will share it with their friends. But there are certain tips you have to follow if you want your video to go viral. Read the post to find out what they are.

Around the Web

  • In what was undoubtedly the funniest post of the week, Darren Slatten ranted about Google’s refusal to penalize him for keyword stuffing. I can’t do the post justice by recapping it here; so, just click the link and enjoy.
  • Have you ever wondered why no one links to your best posts? You aren’t the only one. The experts at Copyblogger wrote a great analysis of why you aren’t receiving the inbound links you want. But they don’t stop there. They provide great tips of what you can do to get your content the attention it deserves. This is definitely a must read for anyone who cares about link building.
  • As we’ve discussed in the past, it’s important to not get so caught up in pleasing the search engines that you forget about your human website visitors. There was another great post on this topic titled “When SEO and Usability Go Head To Head.” The point we can take away from this is the key to a great website is balancing both SEO and usability. It’s an art to be sure, but when pulled off correctly, the rewards are never-ending.

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