5 Tips for Creating Great Social Media Content

  October 7, 2008   Category :     Social Media Marketing | Social Networking   Directory One

Eric Brantner
SEO Content Writer

The benefits of social media have been well documented. You can earn tons of inbound links and increase your brand’s exposure. However, just because you’re a member of a social media site doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed success.

Creating content for social media sites requires careful planning. To get the most out of your social media content, follow these tips.
• Choose the Right Site- It doesn’t matter how great your content is if you’re submitting it to the wrong social media site. For example, if you’re submitting content on the medical industry, it does you no good to put it on a social network for internet marketers. These days, there are social networks for virtually every niche. Sign up for accounts on the sites related to your industry.

• Understand Your Audience- Each social media site has a unique audience. If you want your content to get attention, you have to create content specifically for this audience. If your audience promotes complex industry articles, give them something detailed. Likewise, if late breaking industry news tends to go hot often, try to be the first to break relevant news for your niche.

• Participate in the Network- Remember, it’s called “social media.” You have to be social if you want to gain respect on these sites. This means voting for other people’s content, engaging in discussions, and submitting content from other sites besides your own. If you’re a good participant on a site, people will be more likely to promote your content.

• Create Useful Lists- It’s almost a given—lists make for great social media content. Creating useful lists that can be read quickly and easily will grab the attention of the site’s users. People love lists because they are so easy to scan through. If you don’t believe that lists work, just look at the cover’s of magazines at the bookstore. You’re almost guaranteed to see a music magazine with “20 greatest songs of all time” or a sports magazine with the “10 greatest NBA stars in history.”

• Write Great Headlines- I don’t care if you’ve written the greatest article in the history of the internet. If it doesn’t have a great headline, no one will ever click on it. Social media sites have thousands of articles submitted all day long. If you want to stand apart from the competition, you have to write eye catching headlines that demand users click.

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