5 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques To Help Your Website Create Sales On Google!

  September 5, 2007   Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing   Directory One

Author: Philip O’Hara
Directory One, Inc.
Search Engine Marketing Helper

(1.) Domain name using your main keyword. Be sure to have what you sell and where you sell it in the name if at all possible. HoustonAttorney.com is a good name for ranking under Houston Attorney.

(2.) Meta tags – The title tag should be the exact phrase you want to rank under. Houston Attorney would be a good title meta tag for the above example. The meta tag description should also contain the keywords 2 times, at diffferent intervals, in the description and the first two keywords should be Houston and Attorney. The meta tag content should be on the page or the page will not rank under the keywords. It will be a penalty instead.

(3.) The content must have the keywords you want to rank under as the first words the search engine will see on your website. For example, the Houston Attorney Guy would have a H1 tag on his site that is big and bold using the keywords Houston Attorney John Doe. Remember the word “Lawyer” is a good synonym for Attorney. You would want to have his specialty as a page too.

(4.) Article distribution for Links and Wiki Development. Directory links (paid ones like Yahoo Help). Back linking is the most important part of SEO. Who links to you? Can you get links from people and how?  Have press releases often as new stuff arises. Use the main keywords in the your release titles. Try and get text links from people using your main keyphrase. For example, a link from this blog to Houston Attorney will help the site rank under those keyphrases.

(5.) Have a good call to action plan on the website and answer the phone when people call. No voice mail, no auto attendant. More than half of your leads will hang up and not call back if you don’t answer their questions right now. This is the most important thing about the leads people get over the internet. People will buy from you now if you answer their needs now. Good luck with you search engine optimzation.

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