Press Releases

Press Releases Improve Traffic and Rankings

Just like traditional press releases, Internet press releases tell the world about news and events regarding your company.  Unlike traditional press releases, those on the Internet are seen by everyone, generating improved search engine visibility, improving rankings and drawing in traffic.

Optimized Online Press Release Writing

Directory One will write press releases that not only spread news about your company, but also appear highly in search engines.  Optimized press releases include keyword-rich links to your website to increase traffic and search engine rankings.

Online Press Release Distribution

Your press release will be distributed through an Associated Press feed, in addition to prominent digital media sites like Google News, Yahoo News, and more.  An email will also be sent out to thousands of journalists who can carry your story in traditional and online media.

Podcast Press Release & Distribution

A publicist will call a designated person at your company to conduct an interview.  This interview will be recorded digitally and then distributed over the web as a Podcast (a digital recording people can listen to).  The Podcast of your interview may also be carried by offline radio stations.

Video Press Releases

An experienced video crew will film a representative from your company announcing your news.  The video will then be professionally edited and optimized so that it can appear when people use search engines like Google.  Video press releases engage web surfers in a novel way that can garner more publicity than written words alone.

PR- Press Release Pricing

    Optimized PR Writing: $ 300
    Online PR Distribution Only: $ 300
    Optimized PR Writing & Distribution: $ 500
    Podcast PR Production & Distribution: $ 1,000
    Video PR Production, Editing & Distribution: $ 3,000

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