Once your website is live, it’s appealing to sit there and admire it for a while, then forget about it. After all, it’s the Internet, it stays fresh forever right? Not so much. In fact, regular website maintenance is the only thing drawing new consumers to your site. Fortunately, Directory One, a recognized website maintenance company in Houston, Texas, has many different options for web maintenance, so you never have to worry about your site drifting off into the Internet wasteland.


First of all, we update your search engine statistics and rankings. Popular keywords can change, and if your website has mainly all the old keywords, your website won’t be displaying prominently on the front page of Google. We make sure that your site always has fresh content and the most popular keywords for your business.

Customer interest is obviously important as well. Things like link checking are time consuming, but are the only way to tell if your site is truly user-friendly. Updating content is included in this as well. Price listings can go out of date, and nothing is more irritating to a customer than a price listed incorrectly. We also make sure that all the company contact information listed online is still accurate.

Of course, spelling errors, dead pages, even broken links can happen in even the most pristine website. Fortunately, with regular web maintenance, they don’t have to be live for very long. We keep your corporate image polished.

To get started with one of our marketing packages, or for information about website maintenance in Houston, contact Directory One today at 713-465-0051.