How are products and services marketed and sold? In today’s fast-paced world, there are hundreds of ways, from the guy wearing a sandwich board on a sidewalk to carefully planned and executed video advertising. So what qualifies as “content” marketing? In its most basic context, content marketing is creating and sharing media and publishing content for the express purpose of acquiring customers. The types of content utilized are really what make it interesting. Directory One provides unique, original content for websites of all types – whether you are a doctor, lawyer, dentist, restaurateur, or business owner, we have a content management and marketing system to suit.


Marketing content is content designed to solve people’s problems. In real time, this can be anything from a paper pamphlet to one of those annoying adverts that get stuck underneath windshield wipers in parking lots. The problem with this form of paper advertising is that first of all, it’s messy. People tend to throw away excess paper product, or recycle it without paying it much mind. The individuals that do hold on to these promotional products might store it away in a desk somewhere, forget where they put it, and if sometime they realize they need it again, it’s too late. Your how-to guide for changing your engine oil is lost in the shuffle.

The obvious solution is online advertising utilizing content marketing, where customers always know they can find you. Downloadable PDF files, blogs, press releases, and articles can give consumers easily accessible information on your products and services.


Good online content will look a little different than the booklet the salesman at the store hands you. Paper advertising often assumes little prior knowledge of the product or service, and includes lots of bright, inviting pictures. Ideal online content will include high-quality writing, with popular keywords and minimal jargon.

Again, content marketing is aimed at solving people’s problems, and should do so concisely. Graphics and images are usually kept at a professional minimum, depending on the specific product or service, and the desired target audience.

The focus of good online marketing should always be on the writing. You can’t see your audience in person, so it’s imperative that your words reach them. The ideal situation is to hire an online content expert, who can not only create strong articles, press releases, and website content, but who can make sure that there are plenty of keywords throughout, ensuring that your site pops up at the top of the list when consumers search for the products and services that they are looking for.

It’s also important to frequently publish new content. Keeping a regular company blog, issuing press releases when relevant, and updating social media pages all ensure that your site stays timely. Customers who visit your site notice the dates of when things are published, and if the last update to your content was a year ago, they will move on to a newer, fresher website.

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