It`s hard to know where to start sometimes, when you are thinking of how to market your business, whether it`s online or through print media. In addition, advertising and marketing campaigns can cost you big money, especially if they arena strategized up front. Even though Internet marketing is generally more cost-effective than other forms of media, it can still be expensive. The best solution is to choose to choose to consult with a marketing company with a proven history of success to create a customized Internet marketing plan for your website. Directory One is an experienced Internet marketing consulting company in Houston that can formulate a plan for your website and ensure your success.


With the sheer mass of websites on the Internet, it`s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Having a website isn`t enough, you must maximize your potential through advertising, content optimization, and effective SEO.

The best place to start figuring out all these factors is through a consulting session. A comprehensive visit with a marketing consultant from Directory One will help you to determine social media tools, web design, web content, and paid advertisements. Then you can learn how these things can all be optimized in order to improve your sales.

Once the best plan for your business is set out, your website marketing company will start to build and design. There are multiple different packages to choose from, and since the “one size fits all” philosophy doesn’t work in the world of website development, there are even customizable options.

The Internet is ever-evolving, and it is necessary to revisit your strategy every few months or so, to take into account any changes in search engines, top keywords, browsers, etc. Internet marketing consulting company Directory One takes pride in its interactive approach, and our goal is to educate the client about the process, so that they can learn the best way to market their company. Call us today at 713-465-0051 to see which web marketing package is right for you.