The website is a new medium in the world of television, newspapers, magazines, and radio. This form of communication is something of a combination of all of those that have come before it. Needless to say, when there’s a new kid in town, new rules apply. Some of the old rules are still necessary. Houston Internet marketing company Directory One is able to provide original, SEO optimized online articles for your website to update customers with company news, information, and even product knowledge. This one on one website content development can make all the difference in how many leads you receive from your site.


The copy (text) of your website is where the action is. This content is where you hold the attention of the audience, and this is where word choice and grammar are critical. People may think your exploding fireworks graphics is cool, but if you misspell your product caption “cheep fireworks,” they are going to laugh and click the back button without looking any further. High-quality content development and web articles are necessary for any website to achieve success. Directory One has a staff of trained content developers and writers that have experience working in all niches and markets, ensuring premium optimization and quality.


Articles provided by Directory One’s staff of content developers will target key words and phrases that consumers are searching. We will provide informative, researched content for distribution across the Internet, while back linking to increase your website exposure. This will build credibility with search engines and customers alike.


Every article posted will be about a topic that is relevant to your business. Visitors to the site will learn more about your products and services by reading over the articles. Articles will be keyword-optimized, so that more people will find and learn about your company. There is a big difference between traditional writing and writing effective SEO optimized online articles, and the trained staff at Directory One can help you to perfect any sort of website content.

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