Houston Internet Marketing Company, Directory One, Inc. has been watching the Internet evolve into what it has become today. This is the were the advertising dollar is moving in commerce. Gone are the days of consumers actually buying into those clunky, flashing banners that scream “click to claim your prize.” Internet-savvy buyers know a legit ad when they see one, and they are becoming ever more accustomed to recognizing a sleek, user-friendly site, versus a slow, archaic one. If you want to maintain as well as expand your business`s customer base, it is imperative that you take advantage of Internet marketing. Directory One, Houston`s own Internet marketing company, offers  “website marketing packages” and some quick tips on how your website can grow and thrive in the competitive online atmosphere.


The term “Internet marketing” itself can be confusing, as it encompasses a lot of different things. Email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, mobile advertising, link building all these and more are included under the header of Internet marketing. It`s not as confusing as it seems, especially when you start to understand the specific benefits of Internet marketing.


Measurability is a huge benefit to online advertising and marketing. Through data collection, including such interactive consumer tactics as survey responses, you can understand how and why customers reacted to certain ad campaigns. This can improve marketing strategy immensely.

A term that all business owners should learn to love is “SEO: Search Engine Optimization.” This is the strategic placement of popular keywords throughout website content in order to affect its visibility in a search engine. A good Internet marketing strategy will not only help to pinpoint those keywords, but will organically place them throughout the website. The better a website`s SEO, the higher up in the search results it will rank, therefore the more customers it will attract.

Of course, the interactive nature of online marketing is a huge bonus. Consumers can not only shop your website and learn about your products and services, but they can watch videos directly from your site, read informative blogs, and even follow you on social media. This builds a relationship directly with the customer. They feel more involved, and are more likely to build your credibility by leaving you great reviews on Yelp, Google Plus and Yahoo.

Finally, Internet marketing lends your business greater coverage. You may have a strong business by newspaper promotion and other print media, and the occasional local radio ad, but imagine how much you could grow and develop through a solid online marketing strategy. The immediate benefit is that your products and services will reach people all over the world. The global reach of Internet marketing can benefit any company, even for those who want to focus on being the hometown authority. As an Internet marketing company in Houston with decades of experience, Directory One can give your business the edge it needs to work for you.

If you would like us to do a evaluation on your website or look at the prospects of investing in Internet Marketing, I recommend that you call me at 713-269-3094. Directory One is your Houston Internet Marketing Company.