Blog Posting

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Blogging occupies a huge percentage of Internet presence. An increasing number of individuals turn to blogs to gain information as well as to learn more about specific companies.

Instagram Marketing

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The young people have are using this instead of Facebook and twitter.Create Ads for this platform. Mange the advertising account. Create Followers. Design the vision you want for your company. On Instagram. Link to your website

Facebook Posting

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Manage your facebook post and your facebook reviews. Post Links to blogs and post pictures.Manage Facebook Analytics and manage Facebook Advertising. Link to your website.

Reputation Management

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This is one of the most important things to keep up with. All companies of any size have some bad reviews but you must respond and be ready to concede defeat to get something positive out of a bad review. YELP, Google, and Yahoo have review sites.Sometimes attorney’s may have reviews an AVVO and places like that. Physician’s will have them under the various physician review sites. Angie’s List is a good on the keep up with too.