You would never think of inviting customers in to a cluttered, disorganized office where they would have to struggle to find the products and services they need, so why would you have a website designed that way? Your business deserves a website that features a clean design, with simple features that help visitors navigate successfully towards the information they need. If potential customers are impressed with the professional quality of your website, they are also likely to be impressed with the quality of your service.


  • Easy to read text. Your website copy should be formatted in clear text that is free of grammatical errors. It is usually completely unnecessary for the web designer to use animated or flashing text, as this can be very distracting for website visitors. The amount of text should also be well managed, because Internet users are not accustomed to a monitor full of dense writing and will quickly navigate away from too much text. A clean business website quickly provides the information that busy customers want.
  • Easy to understand graphics. Any charts or graphs need to be fully explained on the web page, and images should always be clearly related to the information presented. An experienced web designer will never insert images simply to “fill the page up”, as this is an unnecessary distraction to potential customers.
  • Easy to find navigation bars. Customers should easily be able to navigate to the pages that interest them by using navigation bars that are located in the same place throughout the site. It is also very important to make it possible to quickly return to your home page, no matter where the user is on the site.
  • Easy to locate contact information. Perhaps the most important aspect of clean website design is easy to locate contact information. You want your customers to know how to reach you at all times! Sometimes an Internet user will decide to forgo the web and pick up the phone, which is why it always best to list your contact information in the same place on every web page.


At Directory One, our team of web professionals has been designing clean websites for business customers for over a decade. We know how to create web pages that are simple for customers to use, and we are successful at helping your company turn Internet visitors into real customers. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that we value your input at every stage in the web design process as we work together to achieve your company’s Internet marketing goals.

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