What is the Google sandbox is a question that has been widely discussed on the Internet. Many have doubted its existence even, but what it is, whether mythical or real, seems to have been experienced by many websites whose administrators have attempted to raise their ranking in high-demand keyword search results.


Search engine optimization is attempted through many different means by individuals and SEO companies alike. Specific techniques are utilized in the quest for a higher page ranking in connection to search terms. However, various results are achieved.

The Google sandbox is believed to slow down all SEO attempts to raise a website through the search engine ranking system for a probationary period of time. Search engines are determined to provide their customers, i.e. the world wide searching audience, with the most relevant results when typing in key terms.

In order to do this, they must weed out the fly-by-night businesses along with the spamming companies. They may put new websites into a probationary slump while time passes in order to force these websites to prove their validity through time-testing measures.

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Key search terms that are more heavily utilized and in stronger demand are more difficult to attain high search engine placement with. They are more specifically what the Google sandbox is believed to have influence over in order to keep the market most competitive for websites that have already proven themselves trustworthy to the search engine world.

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