by Jesus De La Garza
October 15, 2005

I consider myself a web developer, someone who not only designs web pages, but programs them, host them, secures them, shows people what is best and how to use it effectively to succeed on the Internet. A web designer is basically a graphic layout person who is in charge of the look of the website. Granted a nice looking website is important as you will increase your chances of reaching your goal but the process goes far beyond looks.

Website design and development is not passive. You need to learn the most effective way reach your market and then close the deal. Web design plus web development plus search engine marketing will help you reach your target audience.

Designing a website layout, colors and text inside a web-page will help your potential customers/visitors to decide which site looks better (from yours and your competitors); a good site development will help your potential customers/visitors to perform an action, and it will help also search engines to read your website content; and an effective search engine marketing campaign will help your website reach your target market.

Let us walk through your website design, development and your best search engine marketing strategy, we know how to, and we are here help to help you

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