The idea of networking is not new to the business community by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a relatively new concept when it comes to search engine ranking. Ever since the beginnings of commerce, people have used networking as a way to take advantage of relationships. Networking helps individuals improve job prospects, reach more potential customers and gain a higher profile within their particular industry. So, if networking itself is not new, what’s the big deal about social networking, and how can it be used as a part of your website development?

While it is true that social networking is a lot like traditional networking, there are some real advantages to using website marketing as a way to cultivate relationships. Unlike other forms of networking, social media users can form relationships with people across town, and even a continent away. Networkers can gravitate towards online communities geared towards specific interests or industries, or they can choose to peruse the members of the more generalized sites such as MySpace and Facebook.

For a quick visual lesson on the basics of social networking, the geniuses at Plain English have developed a quick video. You’ll discover that this website marketing tool uses the following general structure:

  • New users develop a member profile at a social networking site
  • Members can look for other users on the site and request to become their “friend”
  • Once you have “befriended” another member, you can see who all of their “friends” are, thereby increasing the number of potential contacts

If you are an individual who prefers to learn a process by simply doing it, then it may be best for you to just dive in to the world of social networking. Otherwise, a quick look at the Plain English video will help you get started. Remember that some sites are geared towards particular industries or hobbies, while “traditional” sites offer open membership to anyone. As with any site that asks for personal information, proceed cautiously.

How can social networking benefit your website development goals?


The “friends” you add to your social networking community will likely take a look at your website, which can exponentially increase your site’s viewership. Imagine how many new viewers your site could have if all of your friends, and their friends, and their friend’s friends (and so on!) stopped by your website. It truly is a great way to promote your site.


Any activity on your site—from page views, to new SEO content, to ongoing blog conversations, anything that makes your website fresh and relevant can help your site move up the search engine results page. With relatively little effort on your part, Internet users can learn more about what your site (and your company) is all about.

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