Whether we realize it or not, much of our business is given to certain companies because we recognize and trust their brand names and what that branding implies. We go to Wal-Mart because they promise low prices and we trust UPS to deliver our packages on time. Branding is vital for building name recognition and expanding customer base and entails much more than just a logo. How can your company build the same kind of customer loyalty that larger organizations enjoy?

  1. A very specific promise: Your business needs to have a clear definition of why you exist. What can you bring your customers that no other organization can? How do you perform better than anyone else? In order for customers to begin relying on your business, they need to understand your business?s stated purpose.
  2. Demonstrate your value to your customers. Potential customers need to know why your services or products are of value to them. In order to convey that message to them, your entire organization needs to be on the same page; you cannot have one branch selling your business?s unbeatable service times while another branch only speaks of your choice of quality materials. While all of these benefits may be important to some people, it is not developing a consistent brand name. You want people to think of a core value when they think of your company that is successfully branding your organization.
  3. Deliver the message. No matter how specific and consistent your core message is, it means nothing if your customers do not even hear about it! Your branding should be clearly visible on your website and other marketing materials; and your staff should also be consistently reminded of your branding, until it literally becomes second nature.
  4. Make your branding stand out. One of the most important aspects of a company’s brand is that it stands out among the competition. If you simply say your business provides “good service”, how is that any different than any other company? However, if you instead relentlessly state that your company ?provides hometown service in the heart of the city? you have successfully begun a branding campaign.


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