The following “tricks” can get you banned from search engines, and should NOT be used:

  • Using hidden text.
  • Using doorway pages, cloaking and deceptive redirects (poorly made pages designed only for search engine spiders that the user never sees because the user is redirected to a better, more user-friendly page)
  • Automated submissions.? Do not use automated software to submit to search engines and directories.
  • Keyword stuffing and excessive keyword density.? Do not repeat keywords over and over in META tags or in the content.
  • Content repetition.? Some search engines use a “duplicate content filter.”? Do not duplicate your content or copy your content from another website (which would, of course, be immoral anyway).
  • Joining link farms.? Do not include your site in any “linking schemes” or link farms designed only to generate long lists of incoming links.

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