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Internet advertising continues to grow as more and more time in the lives of people is dedicated to searching the World Wide Web.

The average person spends about 14 hours of leisure time per week on-line. That doesn’t include the 40 hours a week that people are consistently checking various sites on-line during their workdays.

Recent statistics show that businesses which want to maintain a competitive edge and create consumer awareness regarding their company’s services and products will focus their advertising dollars in on-line marketing.

In 2008 over $144 billion was spent on advertising.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 23.4 billion in Internet Ad Revenues
  • 46.3 billion in TV Ads
  • 17 billion in Yellow Pages Ads
  • 19.5 billion in Radio Ads
  • 38 billion in Newspaper Ads

Both television and newspaper advertising dollars are declining and are forecasted to continue that trend.

Over 87% of American businesses surveyed stated that they would be increasing the amount they spend on Internet ads in the future. Can you afford to be left behind?

Who will your customers be directed to when they get on-line?


The SEO and website marketing leader Directory One is committed to making sure that our clients stay ahead of the competition in on-line visibility.

Through many services including SEO (search engine optimization), pay-per-click ads, blogging services, content development, copywriting, video creation and optimization, web design, web hosting and much more, Directory One makes sure that your on-line advertising campaign targets your consumer market.

In order to optimize your website’s ROI (return on investment) contact us to find out about the website marketing package we have available that is just right for your business needs.