SEO links are commonly confusing to many business owners who just want to start showing up in online searches for their customers so that they can receive increased exposure and hopefully an increase in sales as a result of owning a business website.

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The lack of understanding regarding what SEO links are is common both for business owners and for SEO companies alike. Many advertising companies have also started offering linking services without really knowing the ins and outs of effective link building or back linking.

The only way to truly understand how to remain competitive with SEO links is to continuously stay educated regarding the latest SEO standards that search engine companies require. There are a variety of changes each year, Google last quoted there to be between 300 and 400 changes per year with the programming they use to determine what web pages should remain on top.

There are definitely good and bad ways to use link building and there are also ways that are not necessarily bad, but which are less effective than other ways. Be careful when contacting a simple link building service because if you are unlucky, you will find your search engine rankings and positioning drop quickly after using their services that may boost you up the list for a few days or perhaps even a few weeks until the search engine companies realize the bad methods they have used.

One your company gets flagged for attempting to manipulate search engine results, however, you are in for a long road ahead of attempting to re-prove your credibility to the search engine companies in order to regain old status that you will have lost and most certainly before you will be able to achieve the increased positioning that you originally spent money in trying to achieve.


Using just any smooth talking SEO company salesman’s services can really get your business in a great deal of trouble online, so be careful and make sure they provide you with a thorough list of examples regarding client companies they have helped.

Do not accept screen print captures as proof of results because having a business on the top of page 1 of Google for one day, doesn’t mean that that same business wasn’t completely destroyed in the online search results the very next day.

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