On the surface, signing up for SEO services may seem like a good idea, but if your SEO employs unscrupulous and unethical practices you may end up doing your company more harm than good. Here, Directory One, Houston’s premier search engine marketing and optimization firm provides a list of common deceptive tactics that SEOs use that should be avoided.


Some website owners put their agendas above the needs of their site visitors. When this happens, some site owners use methods like redirecting, quickly moving site visitors to a page other than the one they first selected to view. Under these circumstances, visitors are often left on a page that has little to do with what they were searching for information on. In some cases, site visitors are asked to click on a link, which serves to optimize rankings in search engines as opposed to providing information to the visitors.

This deceptive practice is not only annoying, but is also sure to make your site less favorable among Internet users.


Over saturating articles with keywords, and using then where they don’t make sense is an SEO no-no. While it is understandable that one might employ this tactic to obtain higher relevance in the search engines, it is expected that keywords be used naturally when creating content. While you may be trying to help your site, in essence you may end up hurting your sites chances of obtaining higher ranking as directory owners generally frown upon these tactics.


Many SEO companies will resort to just about anything to promote their companies. It is this knowledge that makes it easy to believe that some SEO companies resort to using invisible and sometimes irrelevant keywords on their sites to boost their rankings within the search engines.

Embedding invisible keywords is a tactic which is done by using text that is the same color as a site background to increase the instances of a search word and inflate the relevance. In other instances website owners may make the font too small to read and incorporate it in the page footer. With new technology, keywords can be hidden in the invisible layer of the code as to generate hits on the keywords without impacting site design. Using irrelevant keywords generally pertains to researching popular keywords and using them in content, where they most often do not make any sense. While one tactic is such more blatant than the other they both perform a disservice to the site by annoying its visitors.


At Directory One, we’re proud to say that we use honest, ethical and effective methods to provide our clients with the best search engine marketing and search engine optimization techniques. We never do anything that would bring shame to our clients or lead site visitors to question their integrity. At Directory One, we work to ensure that your experience will benefit you now and in the future. With the knowledge you gain from us you will be able to make informed decisions about your website and the promotion of your business as it grows. Unlike our competition, Directory One will never keep you in the dark about the nuts-and-bolts of web development. We pride ourselves on educating our customers from the first meeting, and we want you to be involved in the optimization, placement, promotion and development of your search engine marketing campaign.
At Directory One we never stop until you are satisfied.


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