Directory One SEO Code of Ethics

At Directory One, our approach to search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM)  is rooted in principles that enhance website usability and help search engines rank sites accurately. We believe that legitimate SEO is inseparable from good design, quality website content development, and solid usability. Our mission is to create strong, functional, and content-rich websites that benefit the end user.

We stand firmly against unethical SEO practices that harm the integrity of the internet. Directory One adheres to the following ethical standards:

  • Compliance with Search Engine Guidelines: We do not contravene any guidelines or rules posted on search engines, including those concerning automated submissions and rank checking programs.
  • Rejection of Artificial Link Enhancement: We do not participate in link farms or any methods that artificially enhance link popularity.
  • Transparency in Optimization Methods: We do not use deceptive techniques such as redirects, cloaked pages, hidden text, doorway pages, stolen content, keyword stuffing, or comment stuffing.
  • Honesty with Clients: We never misdirect or misinform clients about our SEO methods and ensure they understand how we manage their website.
  • Integrity in Representation: We do not misrepresent our services or claim special relationships with search engines that enable us to guarantee rankings.

The best websites benefit the end user and should be prominent in search engine results. True optimizers create user-friendly, search-engine-friendly sites that enhance search engine results and reflect well on the SEO community.

At Directory One, we uphold this SEO code of ethics in all our business practices and respect other companies that do the same. We believe that by working together with our industry colleagues, we can best benefit our clients, search engines, and the industry as a whole.

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