At its core, the process of SEO (search engine optimization) is derived from principles that enhance website usability and that aid search engines to rank sites correctly. Legitimate SEO companies recognize this and strive to create strong, functional, content-rich sites that benefit the end user. Legitimate optimization is, in fact, inseparable from good design, good content and solid usability.

Unfortunately, some so-called search engine optimization experts have abused the tools of optimization, getting ahead, not through the legitimate methods that benefit the Internet, but through spam and other practices destructive to search engine functionality, disruptive of basic website usability and negligent of the future of the Internet community.

Directory One stands strongly against such practices. We do not:

* Knowingly contravene any guidelines or rules posted on any search engine, including rules concerning automated submissions and automated rank checking programs.

* Participate or associate with link farms or other means to artificially enhance link popularity.

* Use deceptive redirects, cloaked pages, hidden text, doorway pages, stolen content, keyword stuffing, comment stuffing, or any other process known to sabotage search engine results.

* Intentionally misdirect or misinform clients about our search engine optimization methods. Nor do we hide any of our optimization methods from our clients who have a basic right to understand how our company is managing their website.

* Misrepresent ourselves or our services to our clients, or in any way, suggest that we have special relationships with prominent search engines that will enable us to guarantee rankings.

The best websites are websites that are most likely to benefit the end user and these websites should be the most prominent in search engine results. It is the job of all true optimizers, therefore, to create solid user and search-engine-friendly sites that help produce quality search engine results and reflect well on all members of the SEO community.

We at Directory One conduct business and search engine marketing by this SEO code of ethics. We respect other optimization companies that do the same and welcome the competition. Although rivalry in our industry is often fierce, we believe that only by working together with our business colleagues are we able to best benefit our clients, search engines and our industry. We invite any companies or individuals who also believe in the SEO code of ethics to post this document on their website. We do not require a link back, although we always appreciate one. We ask only that you do not modify the content other than to change the business name in the appropriate places.


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