Should you always hire a PPC ad agency? PPC stands for pay per click and has become a popular method for advertising on-line.

PPC advertising has become so very popular because the businesses that are listed with PPC are more prominently displayed in Internet search results.

These advertisements generally show up in a boxed off area at the top or side of the page when key words or phrases are typed into search engines.

Whether or not you should always hire a PPC ad agency depends upon your advertising budget.

Of course, to have the highest Internet ranking, you will hire an SEO firm that also provides PPC services and ensure that you purchase a comprehensive package that includes both SEO and PPC initialization and maintenance.

Whether you choose to purchase one or both packages, you will find that if you hire an SEO firm with integrity, your business presence will continue to be prominent in on-line searches.

If you were to attempt to do this yourself, you would discover that the effort it takes to maintain your high ranking and standing would cost you a great deal more time than you are capable of spending if you are also running a business and performing other tasks daily.

Unless you are an expert with the latest advances in SEO and PPC technology, you may also find yourself missing out on a number of potential sales opportunities and not knowing quite why you aren’t receiving better results from your efforts.

When making your decision as to whether you should always hire a PPC ad agency, consider the competition.

Did you know that in the year 2008 alone over $23.4 billion was spent on Internet advertising? $46.3 billion was spent in television ads. $38 billion was spent in newspaper ads. $19.5 billion was spent in radio ads and $17 billion was spent in the yellow pages advertisements.

Notice that the top 3 avenues for advertising in 2008 were television, newspaper and the Internet. This gives you an idea of the trend that is occurring in advertising.

It is common knowledge that newspapers are suffering a growing decline in the modern market.

A study performed by the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) in 2008 showed that for the previous two years, the amount of television advertising has been decreasing. It showed that more and more advertisers have been moving their ads to the world-wide-web.

87% of those questioned responded that they expect to be increasing the amount that they are putting into Internet advertising over the next year and beyond.

Should you always hire a PPC ad agency? That depends upon how much of an edge you would like to give your competition over your business.

Your competition is investing in Internet advertising. Are you ready to join the trend or will you be left behind?


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