Mobile Website Optimization Tips: People can now have what they want when they want it. With the tremendous global and national increase in the use of smart phone, tablet and other mobile devices, the need to have information and have it now has become an apparent reality in today’s society. According to an analyst with Morgan Stanley, it has been projected that the amount of mobile Internet users will surpass desktop Internet users in the later half of 2013, clearly indicative of the increased mobile surfing trends spreading across the globe.

Whether shopping online, needing directions to a meeting, looking for a menu of a new restaurant, searching for mobile coupons to save money, or checking movie reviews and times, the use of mobile Internet searching has increased exponentially over the last few years, driving the need for many companies to create mobile websites. Mobile Website Optimization Tips provide companies with the knowledge they need to create a successful mobile website and expand their business revenue and profitability. The following Five Mobile Website OptimizationTips provide some basic guidelines to consider in designing a mobile website:


This tip rings true for both desktop and mobile website optimization, but can have a more significant impact on mobile websites given that many mobile Internet users desire convenience in surfing the Internet. Mobile websites have become a popular means of satisfying this need for immediate gratification. It is, therefore, essential in Successful Mobile Website Optimization to establish the primary goal and focus of the mobile website so that the desired information is readily available for target mobile Internet users.


Mobile websites allow people to access information from anywhere. Very basically, the more concise the information, the easier it will be for users to find what they need, particularly in time-sensitive circumstances; and the more likely users will be to return to the mobile website.


A mobile website can function as a snap shot of the desktop website; therefore, in addition to providing more opportunity for increased traffic to the mobile site, linking the mobile website to the desktop website can also boost the traffic to the desktop website, thereby creating more opportunity to increase business revenue and profitability.


Many smart phones function with touch screen technology, which can often present a challenge for mobile websites attempting to cramp too much data into a small space. Making the images on the mobile website touch-friendly (for touch devices) and click-friendly (for non-touch devices), as the case may be, increases the like ability and successful operation of the mobile site, particularly for those mobile users looking for basic information about the company while on mobile devices. Therefore, another important Mobile Website Optimization Tip is to allow sufficient spacing and use of adequate white space on the mobile website. In addition, it is important to ensure that the images used on the mobile website are appropriate in size, as the use of multiple and large images can slow a user’s mobile surfing experience, which ultimately may inhibit Successful Mobile Website Optimization.


The same Search Engine Optimization, Web Hosting and Website Design guidelines and best practices should be used in Mobile Website Optimization as well. For example, the use of keywords enables users to obtain information more easily. With proper search engine optimization and marketing, the mobile website can be a successful and easy way for businesses to gain an edge over their competitors in this ever-expanding and fast-paced area of Internet technology.

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