For many years, local newspapers saw web development and SEO companies as direct competitors for readers and worked hard to maintain a loyal print media readership. When it became obvious that the Internet was far more than a passing phase or a hobby for the technically savvy, local newspapers began publishing online abbreviated versions of their print copies. Local paper editors gradually admitted that some readers preferred scanning through the local headlines than picking up a print newspaper. Today’s modern newspapers are continuing to work hard to increase their online presence by publishing high quality web versions of their local paper. At this stage, a partnership between local papers and Internet SEO companies is ideal.


People who are hungry for quick information have two basic sources: the Internet and the television. For many people, it is much easier to move through the channels to find out what is going on in the world than it is to plug keywords into a search engine; and it is certainly faster than thumbing through the local paper. The television stations are full of commentary, breaking news, editorials, and lifestyle pieces. Newspapers and SEO companies must somehow capture these readers who are otherwise getting their information from television. In order to do that, these two entities must provide quality, up to the minute information that is easily accessible as well as entertaining to read.


While local newspapers used to see SEO companies as competitors for readers, today web development companies are a vital asset for any newspaper company. Newspapers editors, journalists, and other staff are experienced and skilled at searching for relevant and interesting stories that readers enjoy; SEO company staff has valuable knowledge about how search engines work and how Internet readers typically behave. SEO companies can provide local newspapers with either outsourced writing projects or in house training on Internet writing techniques. Internet writing is unique in its style, length and use of precise keywords and keyword phrases. It is necessary for local newspapers to recognize the asset they have in web development companies as they navigate the ever-changing Internet environment and build their readership.

The bottom line is that people’s reading habits are changing; and it will take the dedication of skilled SEO companies to ensure that newspapers continue to be the recognized source for news and commentary in local communities.

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