Key phrase competitiveness and analysis are crucial elements in comprehending how to best perform targeted Internet marketing.

Search engine optimization experts at Directory One analyze how often corresponding key phrases are searched.

We analyze what the most effective national and regionalized key phrases are to drive the largest amount of traffic to your business.

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Search engine marketing that is effective must include a comprehensive advertising campaign to bring your company website up through the ranks in the top major search engine results.

The only way to show up on the first page of search engine listings is to target key phrases. If you do not know which key phrases your customer base is actually entering into the search engine, it is impossible for you to target the key words that will actually drive the traffic to your website.

The search engine marketing experts in Houston at Directory One will assist you in ensuring that your local customer base is driven to your site. We will assist you in responding to the national audience of consumers who are looking for your services if your business is equipped to provide for that larger audience.


Key phrase analysis will increase your business advertising budget’s ROI by reducing wasted time and labor on advertising efforts directed toward key phrases that are not even searched by the majority of your potential clients.


Key phrase competitiveness analysis helps your Internet marketing campaign through the development of diversified methods which will get your company up the Google, Bing and Yahoo lists quickly for some key phrases and steadily bring your company up the line for the key phrases that have many millions of links competing for placement.

When you receive SEO services through Directory One, your business Internet marketing model will include key phrase competitiveness and analysis to provide an effective and refined advertising campaign. Receive the best optimization plan from the SEO experts with experience and know how by calling 713-465-0051.

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