Is Yellow advertising worth it? The direction that a business must take with its advertising choices has to be in line with current and future trends if they are to survive in the modern marketplace.

To be fiscally responsible, a business owner must consider this question. Is this truly the most effective use of my advertising budget?

It is no longer debatable whether or not a company must have an on-line presence in order to succeed and grow. Today, businesses receive the most exposure in the on-line marketplace.


There are basically two main options when it comes to on-line advertising.

  1. Place an advertisement in the yellow pages or in a classified directory.
  2. Give your consumer base an opportunity to find the service or product you offer whenever they get on-line through SEO technology.


When you spend your advertising budget on the or any other classified directory, your consumer base only finds you if they know exactly what they are looking for.

Often, they only find you if they know exactly where to look.

Wouldn’t it be better to show up in a large variety of Internet searches based upon corresponding terms, keywords and search phrases?


The search engine optimization experts at Directory One understand all of the ins and outs of making certain that your business is easy to find on-line.

Using a comprehensive method developed through years of experience and success, Directory One will ensure that your potential clients are not left wondering how to find what they want.

They will not have to search through one directory after another becoming frustrated or being directed to your competition in the process of attempting to find you or the services you offer.

There is an easier, softer way to utilize a portion of your advertising budget to achieve the results you need. Save your business time and money by contacting the SEO experts in Houston.


For over 10 years Directory One has been delivering search engine optimization in Houston, placement and web design services. We also offer video optimization services and much more!

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