This is a question often asked by businesses attempting to get the most bang for their buck while generating revenue through advertising.

AT&T advertising sales reps seem to be working overtime these days in their attempts to convince business owners that their services are worth the thousands of dollars it costs to be merely placed in the yellow pages.

But, are these ATT Yellow Pages really worth advertising in?


With the advancement of technology and Google’s consistent growth of popularity, fewer and fewer people are turning to the yellow pages to obtain any information whatsoever.

A quick Google search will not only bring up a list of venues for whatever one seeks, but will also often provide the telephone numbers and addresses.

Often there is even a star rating and a commentary regarding businesses that are found in the search engine. These comments come from the public who have either been pleased enough or upset enough to take a few moments and write out their thoughts.

Although any search engine will provide these results, the two most utilized search engines today are Google and Yahoo. Between these two search engines, Google is by far the most popular web search tool in use.

SEO (search engine optimization) is, therefore, the most effective way to make sure that the public can find your business.

There are many different methods that can be taken to make sure that the public is led your way. With expert SEO techniques, you can even be certain that your niche market is targeted.

With ATT Yellow Pages, the ways in which your potential clientele can locate you are quite limited.

First, they have to be willing to go to the ATT Yellow Pages, rather than just quickly typing in what they want into a search engine.

Next, your potential customers must know exactly what they are looking for and already be aware that you provide that service or product.


SEO strategies ensure that your product or service is advertised to everyone searching for a corresponding term, service or product.

Search engine optimization saves you money by advertising only to your actual market and those interested in similar services that need a little nudge in your direction.

If you are not using SEO advertising methods, you might be wasting money on advertising to the wrong market. Worse still, you might be wasting money on advertising that the public never even sees.

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