Directory One’s innovative approach to Internet visibility building has contributed to the company’s reputation as a leader in Search Engine Marketing and resulted in hundreds of satisfied clients. Directory One’s approach, known as Search Branding, moves beyond traditional optimization adding marketing and management elements that create sustainable Search Engine Visibility. And while clients from virtually all professions and industries are benefiting, it is in highly competitive categories such as the legal profession where these unique methods are making the greatest inroads.

One of the keys to this success is Directory One’s focus on industry expertise. The company devotes resources and research to understanding the critical factors influencing the marketing environment for an industry and incorporates them into every facet of the visibility building campaign. This approach results in greater qualified lead generation from a website and a more pervasive Internet presence.

Some of the best results from Directory One’s approach have been seen by the law firms that turn to them for Search Engine Marketing in Houston. To generate sustainable results for law firms, the Directory One team implemented an extensive program designed to identify the factors relevant to the search process for consumers seeking legal counsel. The company then created specific visibility-building programs tailored for each individual firm’s practice. The result has been sustained Internet visibility and improved conversion rates.

The Directory One approach represents a logical evolution in Search Engine Marketing. Through a total approach to visibility building that incorporates the website and Internet from the client and prospect’s perspectives, Search Branding provides results far beyond those achievable with simple optimization. The process is further enhanced by ongoing management, research, analysis and consultation.

“There are two key elements that contribute to the innovative results we achieve with Search Branding,” according to John Holchin, President of Directory One. “First, using only ethical SEO techniques we approach the process of Search Engine Marketing from both sides of the equation-seeker and provider. This allows us to tailor campaigns that address the specific concerns of the target market and showcase the strengths of our clients. Next we integrate the process into the entire marketing philosophy of our client. The website isn’t a stand alone component. It becomes a critical element in generating long-term brand or firm awareness and visibility.”

Directory One’s Search Branding technique involves a combination of conventional search engine marketing techniques – the methods that get sites high placement in search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN and AOL – and online branding, a method of Internet saturation that causes the client’s name and site to appear frequently and consistently online.

Achieving a pervasive Internet presence for clients’ websites is accomplished through methods such as frequent online press releases, distribution of industry-specific articles, and advertising in major international, local and industry-specific portals, directories and search engines.

“An Internet branding campaign takes time,” says Sean Odom, COO of Directory One. “Our customers aren’t those looking for fast, turnkey solutions. We partner with our customers for the long haul. Attorneys understand the value of persistence-after all, they worked for years to get where they are. They know that quality results come with hard work over time.”

Directory One has been marketing their clients on the Internet since 1996, which makes them an old hat in this relatively new industry. During that time, they’ve consistently demonstrated industry-leading client retention and still retain many of their original customers, including their very first one.

As Directory One’s founder and Chairman, Philip O’Hara adds, “Success requires moving beyond technical proficiency. The Internet’s ability to generate awareness and leads is far superior to traditional media and directories. However, being successful requires understanding the entire decision process and applying the appropriate technology and techniques to have an influence. Many organizations simply lack the internal resources to accomplish that on an ongoing basis. That’s where we come in. We can supply all the technical resources-from traditional search engine optimization and website design to our proprietary client management software for law firms and streaming multimedia, plus we bring the marketing expertise to make the Internet a firm’s best source of leads.

Law firms are not the only profession that benefits from Directory One’s Search Branding. Insurance companies, home security monitoring services, banking and financial institutions, healthcare professionals, real estate firms, corporate IT, and the construction industry-in fact anyone who needs qualified leads must rely on branding and image to gain visibility and generate results.

Directory One’s core competency is Internet marketing in Houston (Search Branding and search engine optimization). Support services include hosting, domain name registration, website design, website content creation, video production, graphics services and Internet consultation. For more information about Directory One or the Search Branding program for legal professionals, contact Directory One at 713-465-0051.