How much does a website cost is a question with many factors tied to it. For a productive website you must consider:

  • Website Design and Usability
  • Website Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization

Millions of websites exist today, but simply building a website is not enough to create a visible and effective on-line presence.

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Consider these 2008 statistics:

  • 23.4 billion in Internet Ad Revenues
  • 46.3 billion in TV Ads
  • 17 billion in Yellow Pages Ads
  • 19 ½ billion in Radio Ads
  • 38 billion in Newspaper Ads

Over the past couple of years, the popularity of Internet advertising has been steadily increasing. People are now using the Internet for their news media, entertainment, shopping and communication methods.

On average, people in industrialized countries are spending as much time on-line as they are watching television. With the increased popularity of on-line videos, television is forecasted to continue its drop in popularity.

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It can cost you thousands of dollars to have a website built that just sits out in cyberspace and does nothing for your business.

It will cost you thousands, if not millions of dollars in lost sales delivered to your competition, if you do not have an on-line presence. If your website is not built and optimized correctly it is equal to having no website at all.

An effective website is a profit generator. Companies cannot continue to succeed in the business world without a productive website. In turn, a website without an Internet marketing campaign tied to it will also reduce your profit.

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