For those of you who may be handling SEO customers on a daily basis, there are certain things to know that may help. For one, you’re not alone. There’s a lot of confusion and frustration out there on the part of customers due to a lack of understanding of how SEO works.


The number one complaint is usually about why a customer cannot rank at the top. As in anything, education is the key to learning about ranking. Even if that customer could pay his way to the top ranking spot, it may be impossible. Recently, a customer demanded to know why his auto dealership—let’s say he’s a Chevrolet dealer—couldn’t be number one in the world. Of course, he doesn’t realize that although he may have top Chevy sales in his local area, he’s not likely to achieve top ranking throughout the world. He would have to pay a huge amount of money to buy that number one ranking as there is extreme competition. Many customers simply don’t realize there is a heavy price to pay in site ranking in such a competitive field of business as auto dealerships.


Although it may take a little time, the SEO can patiently educate that customer so that he understands more about ranking. It isn’t always easy to read the customer’s mind and instinctively know what will bring his business the most targeted traffic. Explaining the importance of keyword analysis and choosing keywords can be helpful, too. Once the customer is on the track of innovative thinking about his own site, he may bring in new information to build his site from a different angle by using better keywords. Since he knows his product so well, he can direct targeted traffic by emphasizing the most important points in his business.


With a little more education, the customer can take his investigation one step further. By taking the time and paying a small fee or using free tools online, the customer may want to track certain statistics on his site. Learning a little more about linking will give him insight into the popularity of his site. He can develop a better understanding of what it takes to reach that coveted number one ranking.

The more a customer knows about handling his own website, the more likely the SEO can get on with more important site issues that can really increase business. All it takes is a little time, patience and education. Good business practices can pay off for everyone’s benefit.

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