Guest blogging for links is acceptable and is a great way to build your reputation in the on-line community.



There are many popular blogs on the web that are generating a great deal of income. Some people are actually supporting themselves exclusively through blogging.

There is a blog on-line that heavily discusses or is related to each and every topic imaginable.

Quality content such as that provided by the website copywriters at Directory One is in high demand and is welcomed by bloggers who want to keep their readers interested and coming back on a daily basis.



What if you could increase your exposure to your target audience by thousands if not millions within a short period of time? This is an advertising dream, is it not?

With a regularly maintained blogging service writing quality content for your company, this is a very real possibility.

All around the globe, a great deal of time is spent on the Internet searching the World Wide Web. A surprising amount of that time is used reading favorite blogs.

Blogs are an excellent way to pick up a quick bit of information. For some, it is even a method of squeezing a little bit of entertainment into their busy day.

A great number of people receive email notifications whenever a new blog is posted to their favorite site or sites. Many of these blogs are created by guest blogging.

Emails that people are actually looking forward to arriving in their inbox will pop up in the corner of their screen, i.e. “You’ve Got Mail!”

If you use Directory One’s guest blogging services, those emails will link directly to a blog that sends people willingly and eagerly toward information regarding your company.

Spamming is simply a waste of time considering the percentage of people who are annoyed and eager to eliminate any and all spam mail. Spamming often actually discourages the public from purchasing your product or service.

There is a legal and welcome way to have a notification delivered right to your target audience’s inbox. This is accomplished through guest blogging.



Billions of dollars are spent every year on advertising. In 2008 alone over $144 billion was spent on media marketing.

Check out these stats:

  • 23.4 billion in Internet Ad Revenues
  • 46.3 billion in TV Ads
  • 17 billion in Yellow Pages Ads
  • 19 ½ billion in Radio Ads
  • 38 billion in Newspaper Ads

Research by the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) has shown that for the past 2 years television advertising is going down and Internet advertising is on an upward trend.

Experts believe that this trend is going to steadily and dramatically increase with each coming year. 87% percent of businesses surveyed responded that they were intending to significantly increase the amount they spend on Internet advertising in the future.

In order to remain competitive, companies will have no choice but to make intelligent Internet advertising decisions.


Directory One is an integrity based search engine marketing firm in Houston that wants to help your business grow. Guest blogging for links is acceptable and is only one of the extremely effective methods we utilize.

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