One of the most valuable services that your web company should provide is easily accessible technical support. You hired your Internet marketing company to design a website that works well and provides customers with a reliable source of information—but your site may not always run perfectly. Perhaps a page will not load, or maybe you discover a dead link. Most likely, however, you will mainly depend on technical support for walking you through some of the features of your site. Remember that technical support is there to answer your questions, not just to fix your problems! There are some aspects of website technical support that your web development should always provide; and there are also some reactions that you should never accept at all.


The staff at your web development company or web host should always be willing to walk you through any aspect of building your website, including making an effort to teach you some of the basics of HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and HTML tags. Unless you are going to be very involved in creating the copy and making changes to your site, you won’t need a detailed description of the way HTML works; but the staff at the company you hire should be willing to give you as much information as you want, if the process interests you. Technical support staff should also be able to walk beginners through FrontPage applications so that they are able to update graphics and text as necessary. If you have hired a quality web development company, the technical support department should always be able to direct your call or email to the staff member who is most likely to have the answer to your question.


The short answer is that technical support should never make you more frustrated! As long as your web development company’s lines are open, there should be staff available who can either answer your question or direct you to someone who can help you. You should never be told that they do not have time to address your issue, or that your particular problem is not their area of concern. Your web development company works for you, and it should have the stated goal of superior customer satisfaction. For people who are not familiar with the details of building a website or using search engine optimization, technical support is the lifeline between them and their web development company. You should always feel welcome to go to technical support for answers to any question, large or small.


At Directory One, we strive to answer any question our clients have by making all of our staff—including technical support professionals—available as much as possible. While we work hard to create websites that meet your specifications, we also want to empower you to modify the pages of your site as you feel necessary. Let our technical support team help you learn more about website development so that we can work together to create a site that helps you grow your business.

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