What is FTP?
FTP is File Transfer Protocol, an Internet protocol used to transfer files on the Internet.

What is the first step in setting up a website?
The first step is to get FTP access to your site, and upload an initial file to the proper directory. This initial file is generally named index.html, index.htm, etc., and it is the webpage that will be returned when you call upwww.yourdomainname.com

How do I access my website via FTP?
First, you will need an FTP program, such as: CuteFTP. Available here: www.cuteftp.com. After installation, run the program, In the panel that comes up, enter a name, call it anything you want, example: ftp.yourdomain.com.Then in host address, put: ftp.yourdomain.com. In the user ID field, put your User ID, this is usually the domain name, then in the password field, carefully type your password, as it is case sensitive. Click OK in the lower left of the panel, and you will see your domain name in the right hand panel, highlight it and click Connect, lower right part of panel. If done properly, the program will establish an FTP connection with your website and take you to your directory. This is where you upload theindex.html file.

How do I upload/download files using CuteFTP?
The lower left panel is where your local files are on your computer, the lower right panel is where the remote website files are located. Everything is drop and drag, to upload, drag the appropriate file from the left panel to the right panel. To download a file from the server, just reverse the process, drag the file from the server at the lower right hand panel over to the lower left panel.

Where do I put the index.html file?
When you open your ftp site (ftp.yourdomain.com) it takes you to the correct directory, /www/userid This is where you will place the index.html file. Also put all your pictures and other files for you website in this same directory or your /images directory.


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