Internet article writing is a complex task that can be approached with many different techniques. Writers can use many different methods to attract the attention of search engines. While some authors choose to produce evergreen content, others create articles on current events and controversial matters.


Evergreen topics are those that have a potentially unlimited shelf life. Unlike a news story that no one will care about in a few days, evergreen topics tend to consistently gain the attention of the search engines year round or during certain seasons each year.

How-to guides typically make for great evergreen articles. Unless they are about an industry that is constantly changing, a how-to guide can be useful and will garner traffic long after it is written. For instance, tips on lawn maintenance will maintain their relevancy for many years.


  • Sustainability– Evergreen content is desirable for writers because it has the ability to sustain itself over the long haul. Since the information in the article does not really have an expiration date, people will always need it. These topics usually do not earn a lot of traffic in the short term, but that is not their purpose. Creating evergreen content is a long term strategy that requires patience on the part of the writer.
  • Authority– Another advantage of publishing evergreen content is that it can establish the content writer as an authority figure on the topic. Again, this may take some time, but after it has earned traffic over many months or years, the writer will become a leading resource on the subject. Writing how-to guides and tutorials is one way writers can position themselves as experts.
  • Growth– The longer that an evergreen article is around, the more it can grow. Over time, articles with content that maintains relevancy will earn traffic, inbound links, and an increase in the search engine results pages (SERP.) While search engines enjoy fresh content, they also understand the value of trusted content that has stood the test of time.


Many writers choose to create articles based upon current trends and the latest happenings. To maximize their traffic, these writers either have to be the first to write about the subject or they must provide a fresh, usually controversial, spin on the topic.

A good article or blog on a current event can create a large number of visitors in a very short time. The success of websites that follow the every move of Hollywood’s top celebrities is proof of the power of staying current and controversial. Every time there is a report that a celebrity was caught doing drugs, got arrested, or did something absurd, the search engines get overloaded with users clamoring for more information. People love controversy.


  • Fast Acting – One of the biggest advantages of writing about a controversial current event is the quick splash these articles tend to make. Providing readers with a fresh take on a hot topic can give writers an instant spike in traffic. However, it must be noted that these topics have a propensity to wane in popularity at a very fast rate. For this reason, writers have to consistently produce high quality content if they want to sustain the traffic.
  • New Visitors – Controversial internet article writing also has the benefit of attracting new visitors to a website or blog. It is important for writers to remember that getting the readers to their website is not enough. What they do after they arrive at the website is where the real significance lies. If the rest of a writer’s content is of a high quality, he or she can convert many of these new visitors into loyal readers. Conversely, if the writer has a webpage that contains poorly written content and is difficult to navigate, new visitors will not be returning.
  • Inbound Links – If a writer is the first to write about a topic or provides an interesting approach to it, he or she can receive a high number of inbound links. A well written, controversial article can have a snowball effect when it comes to earning links. As it continues to grow in popularity, more people will link to it, and as more people link to it, the article will propel to the top of the search engines. Many people like to say “content is king,” but without the links, the content will never be seen.


All of this information begs the following question: which is better to write, evergreen content or controversial pieces? There is no right answer to this question. It is dependent upon what the writer is trying to accomplish.

Some clients will want content that educates their customers and remains useful for many years. Others will want to capitalize on a breaking story in their industry. Both of these techniques are useful, and writers should try their best to reap the benefits of each style. Perhaps they can devote articles to evergreen topics and save the controversial content for blog postings. Or, they can allocate a certain percentage of content for evergreen purposes and how much should be based on current events.

The most important thing is that writers produce quality copywriting, regardless of whether it is evergreen content or not. In the end, no one will read it if it does not meet their standards.


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