Domain age and credibility go hand in hand as they relate to search engine placement.

Domain age either adds to or takes away from a business website’s credibility with the search engine companies.

Credibility with search engines is the key to ranking in Google and Bing search results as well as all other major and minor search engines used by your customer base.

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Website domains must have been purchased and continuously owned for several years in order for search engines to place them into the list of verified and credible domains for top ranking privileges.

Search engines do not want to elevate fly by night companies that may not be providing valid products and services long-term.

If a search engine provides results to its consumers that are not credible, the customers of the search engine will begin to utilize other search engines. The companies that are paying for advertising will withdraw their business and begin utilizing other avenues for ad placement. The search engine itself will not longer be able to operate and will shut down.

This fact demonstrates the reason that search engines will do everything in their power to prevent any companies or websites that have not proven their credibility, from receiving first page placement in search results.


I just bought my domain. How can I build my credibility as quickly as possible?

This is a question that all new domain owners should ask.

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If you just bought your domain name, you may still want to consider investing in one that will work better for you.

If you want to keep the new domain that you already purchased, there is a diversified marketing plan that will help you to build your domain and website credibility as it begins to age.


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