The Houston area is full of nonprofit organizations that are devoted to building a better community for all residents to enjoy. Unfortunately, many of these nonprofit groups struggle to get their message out because they do not have the financial resources to do so. As a result, these organizations are often unable to fulfill the purpose for which they were founded. However, if these groups were to make some minor changes (employ DIY search engine optimization techniques), they could better spread their message to those they seek to help and to donors who could fund their cause.

Most websites of the Houston nonprofit organizations are SEO nightmares. Granted, these groups may not have the funds to hire a professional search engine marketing company, but there are plenty of DIY search engine optimization techniques that can be used to increase their Internet presence.

All nonprofit organizations should select keywords for their websites that relate to the work they perform. For example, if the Houston nonprofit is dedicated to animal rescues, they could choose keywords such as “animal rescue in Houston” “Houston animal rescue” “dog rescue in Houston” and “cat rescue in Houston.” The keywords that best suit an organization can be found by using the Google AdWords tool.

Once these keywords are determined, the nonprofit needs to incorporate them into their website content. SEO copywriting can be difficult for the novice, but if one remembers that keyword density analysis is less important than natural writing, quality content will be developed.

As anyone involved in SEO in Houston knows, these keywords need to be used in the title tags and url of the pages they appear on. If nonprofit groups were to do this, they would see an increase in traffic that could lead to donations and the furthering of their cause.

Nonprofits could even have an advantage over traditional businesses when it comes to earning inbound links. The reality is most people and businesses like contributing to a good cause. Nonprofits could earn links from their various partners and contributors. Depending upon the cause, they might even be able to earn some of those highly coveted .edu and .gov links.

All nonprofit groups could benefit from using these DIY search engine optimization methods. For organizations that have little to no marketing funds, search engine marketing can be a great way to achieve a high return on investment (ROI.)

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