While the two terms copywriting and copyediting are often advertised synonymously, they are not, in fact, interchangeable. Writers who are experienced in website content development may offer to both write and edit text for your site. However, these two processes are very different, and it takes very different skills to successfully perform copywriting and copyediting services for Internet marketing. Usually it costs substantially more for web content writing, as well. The differences between copywriting and copyediting are described below:


Internet copywriting is the process of developing the text for the pages of your website. Usually, the web development company will obtain information about the products and services your company offers before creating content that is interesting and informative for your website visitors. Your content should not only be well written and clean, but should also successfully draw visitors to your website. In order to make your web pages stand out among the millions of others, any copywriter you hire should know how to:

  • Use keywords and keyword phrases that direct Internet traffic to your company by increasing your website’s presence on search engine results pages
  • Create clean copy that informs readers rather than distracts them
  • Write for Internet readers. This means using fewer words and clearer sentences than they might use with print media.
  • Listen to your vision for your website copy; after all, nobody understands your company better than you do.


There is a wide range of what is necessary for copyediting, reviewing the text that is already present on your webpage. Some pages are already well-written and will only require simple proofreading for spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors. Other pages will require an editor who understands about syntax and word usage and who can rewrite portions of the text that maybe confusing to readers. There are times when a copywriter will need to almost completely rewrite a page, making such improvements as:

  • Correcting the writing style to be more appropriate for the Internet
  • Refining the page’s presentation so that it has a stronger call to customer action
  • Closing informational and logical gaps to increase the accuracy of product or service claims


Directory One has a copywriting staff that is very experienced at working with clients to create content that is both accurate and informative. You deserve a web development company that will listen to your ideas for your company—and your website—and will partner with you every step of the way. Whether you need an editor to revamp the text already up on your site, or you need to begin a complete copywriting project for a new site, our staff writers are ready to work with you.

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