With the number of Internet users increasing daily, online publishing has become an invaluable tool for Internet writers looking to spread their name, sharpen their skills, and overcome the starving artist stereotype. It has truly revolutionized the approach many writers take to publishing and search engine marketing. For authors looking to start their career or build their resume, online publishing can be a stepping stone to success.


The earlier a writer can get into online writing, the better. College students wishing to become writers could benefit greatly by learning about and incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) content writing in blogs, webzines, and online writing communities. By diligently writing keyword rich Internet content, one can build a solid portfolio and maximize his or her exposure to a broad audience. Search engines reward those that update frequently over an extended period of time, so a writer that creates compelling SEO content on a regular basis throughout college can achieve a high volume of traffic by the time graduation approaches and the job hunt begins.

Prospective authors can also benefit from joining an online writing community. These are communities where the writers share their work with one another and give constructive criticism. Many writers of all skill levels use these groups as a tool to enhance their writing skills. Every writer can profit from the perspectives of others. As a writer, it is important to remember there is always room to evolve and improve your skills.

Many Internet writers have found Internet writing to be a new method for increasing their income. Since online publishing requires no startup cost, the writer’s ROI (return on investment) is unlimited. For those that publish e-books, the benefits include instant publication and higher revenue from each sale. However, simply publishing an e-book does not guarantee a writer will have a new source of income.

For writers that have not had widespread commercial success, a blog full of quality website content is a necessary tool in the battle to maximize author exposure. An upstart author that simply publishes an e-book online and does little else to promote it will not have nearly as much success as someone who has an active keyword rich blog to help encourage support for his or her other works. Blogs that contain quality SEO content and are updated frequently receive steady traffic and loyal readers. Loyal blog readers are much more likely to purchase an e-book from an author they are familiar with than one whose work they have never been exposed to.

In addition to earning money from publishing an online book, dedicated blog writers can create passive income by placing an ad or two on their blog. First time bloggers would be wise to wait until they earn a steady stream of traffic before adding well placed, relevant advertisements on their blog. The reason for this is because the author should never give off the appearance that he or she is writing simply for ad revenue. Instead, bloggers should earn their readers trust by producing high quality content over a long period of time, and only then should they place a small number of relevant ads to generate a small passive income.

Internet writing should never be viewed as a get rich scheme. Its value lies in the fact that it can improve a writer’s name recognition, enhance his or her skills, and be an important addition to any resume. High quality SEO content writing takes hard work and dedication, but its rewards can be priceless.

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