One of the biggest struggles for businesses vying to becoming a mainstay in their industry is brand recognition. Companies spend exorbitant amounts of money to expose their brand to the public. For those that are successful, the dividends are endless. Unfortunately, for companies that cannot get their name out a bleak future lies ahead. In certain sectors, brand visibility is the most important factor in a business’ potential for success.


It goes without saying, but if customers do not know your name and what you sell your business will not achieve a high level of success. The main goal of any business should be to have their customers make the mental connection between the product they offer and their business. For instance, when most people think of coffee they think of Starbucks. With stores scattered on nearly every street corner, name recognition has played a vital role in this coffee giant’s success.

The significance of brand recognition is apparent in our nation’s political structure as well. In Congressional elections, the re-election rate for incumbents consistently hovers around 90 percent. Aside from ideological preferences, one of the largest reasons for this astounding re-election rate is name recognition. Voters tend to go with the name they know, rather than one they are not familiar with. Without a recognizable name, success is hard to attain.


While the importance of brand recognition has already been established, the question of how to achieve it still remains. In the past, the marketing expenditures of company were poured into traditional media outlets with the hopes of creating a connection with the consumer. However, as the market has shifted from traditional outlets to the Internet, companies have started to focus their marketing efforts on the web.

Several studies have determined that around 80 percent of all Internet sessions begin with a search. Therefore, in order to increase your brand awareness, you must take the steps necessary to rank well on search engines. Recent research indicates that users click on first page search engine results 62 percent of the time and on the results within the first 3 pages 90 percent of the time. These statistics make it abundantly clear how important it is for a company to use search engine optimization to perform well in search engines.


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