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As an integrity-based SEO firm, we truly care about the success of each of our clients from the small business to the large corporation. It is for this very reason that we do offer these tools, consulting and educational services, unlike many of our competitors.

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Monitor and analyze traffic driven to your business website with the analytics tools that Directory One will not only provide, but will help you to comprehend fully.

Your level of control over your Internet marketing campaign is completely up to you when you hire Directory One to perform your business SEO services in houston.

We do not attempt to boggle you with incomprehensible information, but rather prefer to assist your company in its success by providing as much support and education as you would like to receive while managing your Internet marketing campaign.

The analytics tools that Directory One will provide you to analyze the traffic being driven to your website will help you to not only understand how many visitors are reaching your website, but also what key terms they are utilizing to find you with.

We will help you to determine what the most heavily searched key phrases are. Our SEO services will also help you understand how much time your visitors are spending at your site and how this relates to your sales percentages.

There are many elements involved in analyzing your traffic data. Our consulting services will educate you and help your company to make the right moves as time progresses to target your customer base and actually even help them to target you!

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