Every company that uses the Internet as a business tool wonders from time to time how to begin a marketing campaign that can attract new customers, retain existing ones and increase profits. The web is, indeed, a marketing tool like no other and can be the driving force behind many different kinds of business advertising. Before you embark on any Internet marketing campaign, take a few moments to reflect on methods that truly work in today’s business climate.

  1. Consider your target audience and focus your marketing on that audience.You need to be sure you know who you are trying to sell your goods or services to before you can be successful. Usually your target audience is going to be a pretty focused groups such as teenagers who prefer graphic t-shirts and is one that can be swayed using similar marketing techniques.
  2. Efficiently use pay-per-click advertising. Without sufficient forethought, your business may end up spending way more than necessary on PPC advertising and sponsored link campaigns. It is always best to work with a company that has enough experience in Internet marketing that they are able to factor these costs into the overall advertising budget in order to keep them within a reasonable range. Pay-per-click advertising can really work for your business, as long as it is properly managed.
  3. Realize an individual customer’s lifetime value. Sometimes you will have to make an irresistible entry offer in order to gain a customer’s business, which can seem like a loss of profits for your business. This loss is actually non-existent if you think about the business you can gain over the lifetime of this new business relationship. For example, a housecleaning company may offer a half price initial cleaning with every new year-long contract. The loss of that first cleaning is recovered several times over with the new contract, making it a great marketing move.
  4. Minimize the risks for potential customers. The biggest hindrance for new customers is the thought that they may end up losing time or money with your company. You simply have to show them that this is not true! Whether your company needs to clearly state its professional association memberships, list past client’s testimonials or link to product specifications, you need to demonstrate your reliability and value to new customers. Once you show them that risks are minimal and that they will be satisfied with your products or services, they will be more than likely to make a purchase.
  5. Analyze the effects of your Internet marketing campaign. Along with your web hosting company, spend some time analyzing the results of your current marketing campaign. Are you achieving the results that you want? Are your customers satisfied? How are your profits? Never forget to enlist the input of your customers! They are your best indication of how successful your Internet marketing campaign really is. If you have a small company, a personal phone call or email follow-up to a few customers can go a long way towards building customer loyalty.

Any quality web development company should be able to help you run a successful Internet marketing campaign. Before you hire one, however, do a bit of research on your own. Consider the following:

  • Find out whether the web development company has a marketing professional on staff who has successfully run Internet campaigns before.
  • How much customer support the company is willing to provide once the campaign is in place.
  • If you are able to contact previous clients to find out how satisfied they were with the service of the company.
  • Ask the company if they are willing to provide an accurate quote for designing an Internet marketing campaign for your business.


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