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Website design is an area so vast and detailed that it is offered as a major in colleges around the world. The Internet is the future of business, and through skilled designers, every company can have its products and services represented in the best possible way. A basic understanding of the essentials of graphic and web design is important for business owners as well. This way they can learn what makes their website grow, and communicate with the designer through an easy, smooth dialogue, as well as learn what the online consumer wants. If you want to see what a professionally designed website can do for your business, contact Directory One, a top web design company in Houston. Call 713-465-0051 today to start designing your successful website.

Creating the Optimal User Experience

The Internet is all about perception. If a consumer finds your website through a Google search, and your business has several positive reviews from other customers, they are likely to click on the page to explore further. Here is where the design aspect of the website is essential, and plays into what is known as the user experience design.

Clear labeling, simple instructions, and interactive features are all important. If the consumer who clicked on your site, with an interest in contacting you for a quote, but can’t find a “contact us” tab upon looking around for a few minutes, they are going to return to the results of their Google search and keep looking. The main page of a website is very important, and a user must be able to quickly and easily find direction to everything they need on the homepage.

Engaging, Simple Houston web design

Page layout plays into the ideal user experience as well. Designers will look at multiple aspects of the website when designing the layout, including whether or not to keep the same layout on different pages. Graphics and images play a role in this as well. Consumers love engaging graphic design, but don’t overdo it. Animated cartoon characters and the like may be perfect for a website promoting children's themed birthday parties, but that’s about it.

The bottom line in choosing which layout and graphics to include is to know your business, and to keep an open line of communication with the web designer about how you want your business represented.

Website maintenance becomes an important aspect as well. Once your business’s perfect site has been created, it must be maintained. Checking in on it frequently to update site content, popular keywords, and graphics is necessary to maintain the user-friendly experience. With one of Directory One’s marketing and design packages, you have the comfort of knowing that a professional designer is checking on and updating your site frequently.

Mobile responsive design

The widespread use of iPhones, Androids, tablets, and other Internet-guzzling handheld devices has introduced the necessity for websites to become mobile-responsive. The ideal mobile responsive site will look great on just about any device, and allow consumers to browse, search, and purchase just as easily as if they were on a laptop at home. Customers have come to expect their favorite sites to be accessible from their smartphones.

To learn how a professionally done website can impact your business, and to get a quote on your custom website, call Directory One now at 713-465-0051.