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SOCIAL MEDIA Marketing in houston

Social media isn’t just for individuals anymore. Businesses both large and small have been taking an active role in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for years now. It not only allows the consumer to give you direct feedback, but you are able to advertise directly to people’s smartphones. However there are some people who have so far avoided social media, and don’t even really know how to go about posting anything. The marketing team at Directory One offers social media marketing in Houston, as well as training of employees on using social media, and has some tried and true tips for establishing a strong social media presence.

Make sure that the tone of your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr posts all matches the tone of your business. Even though social media is by nature slightly less formal than an official website, it is still important not to litter your posts with misspellings, slang, and anything that could be considered inappropriate. There is far too much of that on social media now anyway.

Social Media Outreach

Always reply to comments. When people go out of their way to comment on one of your posts, whether it be good or bad, and as long as it’s not spam, let them know you appreciate their feedback. Other people will see that you reply thoughtfully to comments and will become much more likely to reach out to your business.

Post often, but not too often. Studies go back and forth on how many times per day or week businesses should post to maximize sales, feedback, etc, but either way, outreach like this is a great social media management tool. A good rule of thumb is to always update your social media when you update your website content. A link to interesting, valid content once a week is always a good idea.

Finally, ask for feedback. If there is one thing that social media sites have proven, it’s that people will very willingly provide their opinions, informed or not. Asking your followers what they think about something is a great way to (a) get more followers and (b) start really interesting comment threads.

The social media marketing experts at Directory One have answers to all your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest quandaries. Call us today at 713-465-0051 to learn about our social media marketing and management options.

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