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Which is the more effective marketing approach, buying ads to place in Google or developing your site enough to where it organically pops up in a search? The truth is that they both work. The difference with search engine optimization, or SEO, is that it aims to improve the quality of traffic to the site as well as the volume. Directory One, a Houston internet marketing company, is able to help you understand the importance of search engine optimization and make it work to your advantage.

SEO considers how search engines work as well as the most popular keywords within a given time. Keywords change in popularity constantly and it’s important to keep your site content fresh to reflect that. Another feature of SEO is promoting a site from within by the use of backlinks. Backlinks direct viewers to different areas of your site where they can view other relevant content.

A Search Engine Scenario

When your website lists towards of the top of a Google search, you become an authority. If a consumer types in, "sunflower seeds Houston" and the link to your home and garden store shows up as one of the top results, the consumer in all likelihood will click on your site link.

Here’s where web design, marketing, and content are critical. The consumer shouldn’t have to look any further, but if they can’t find a "contact us" link within a few seconds of navigation, or if they notice rampant misspelled words, they will head on back to the list of search results.

Search engine optimization works best when it is paired with user-friendly navigation, high-quality content and regular updates. Your professional Houston marketing company will help you to understand the many different advantages to designing an SEO-friendly site. Call Directory One today at 713-465-0051 to get started.

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