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Houston Law Firms: Using Timely Legal Keywords as SEO Strategy

Legal Keywords as a Successful SEO Strategy

Even before the rise of the Internet, most professionals understood the importance of relevant keywords in advertising campaigns. For example, Houston law firms may have used such legal keywords as “Personal Injury”, “Workers Compensation” or “Patent Attorney” to draw attention to the types of legal services they offered their clients. Although the medium has changed, and there are algorithms that help web development companies know which legal keywords to use for any given company, the basic idea behind advertising keywords has remained the same: It is of utmost importance to use words that highlight the type of products and legal services that potential clients are searching for. As an SEO strategy, this translates over to using popular keywords throughout the text of your Houston law firm website.

The big question then becomes: How do you know what types of words Internet users are searching for during any given day? There are programs and computer applications that allow experienced web development professionals to target legal keywords and incorporate them into the text of your website. Some keywords are so overused (i.e. family law attorneys, divorce attorneys)that the competition makes them all but meaningless unless they are paired with more specific and timely legal keywords as part of a professional SEO strategy. These legal keywords are not static, however; and they often change according to the season or with a current event that is making headlines.

Seasonal Legal Keywords

Many Internet searchers will look for particular legal services during certain times of the year. During certain times of the year, for example, they may search for Houston law firms that specialize in homeowner’s liability for pools, or for attorneys who are experienced in flu vaccination recalls. A successful SEO strategy will incorporate seasonal keywords and refresh the text of your firm’s site to reflect changing inquiries year-round.

Current Event Keywords

Sometimes there is a particular legal issue that is making news, piquing interest and increasing Internet searches for certain legal keywords. Examples of this are new clinical studies surrounding certain medications, or the threat of dangerous fumes present in FEMA trailers for displaced hurricane victims. Experienced web developers and copywriters will keep an eye out for popular current events that may influence which legal keywords will be popular during a given period.

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